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«I am determined to make my own way. No matter what is said that I can or can’t do.» @_lyneezy 

«El Blazer Low Plataform vino a cambiar mi vida en todos los sentidos. Empezando con que unx de morrx siempre sueña muchas cosas, cómo trabajar con su marca favorita. Más cuando en el barrio se sueña con usar unos buenos tenis, unos buenos nikes. Y cuando la comodidad y el estilo se juntan, se crea algo bien chingon más allá de solo verse bien con ellos. Es un sueño para mí presentar esta silueta por el mundo, quien diría que hoy podría estarlo haciendo.» @lizethselene


«My active life 🌍 . I often get tired of frequent flights, busy schedules and crazy pace of life! But I love it all so much ❤️  » @marynabekh


«I am determined to make my own way. No matter what is said that I can or can’t do.» – @_lyneezy

“I believe that ‘style’ is more than just clothes or what shoes I wear. I’m always finding creative ways to express myself.” -Mirae✨ @rrrrro_o

Our stylist @kattypaldos knows that when it comes to personal style, there is no one size fits all. “The Waffle is sport at its core. But you don’t need to be an elite athlete to wear a shoe like this,” she says. “We don’t belong in categories. We dress, we pick, we choose. What we’re seeing is a cross pollination of genres, across music, art, and style. By stepping out of expectations, we’re creating new spaces and expanding our possibilities.” 

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“Being one of the few brown girls in this sport, I feel like that has helped me be able to adjust, but to also be very vocal and direct. It’s taught me to never back down from what I believe in and stand for.” -Dominique Pierre



Laura Nala is a 26-year-old hip-hop dancer from Paris whose been dancing across her hometown for as long as she can remember. Laura teaches workshops across Paris, sharing her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for hip-hop. Bringing incredible dance moments to her community is what she strives for — to help young people express themselves and allow them their opportunity to shine. @laura_nala5

@juliamuniz Brasilian model, very inspirational entrepreneur. Founder of «MAOI». Maoi is a proper combination of our love for the ocean and fashion industry. Julia grew up in Brazil and Mahina in Hawai’i. Her style looks are a perfect match between nature, freedom, ocean breeze and stylish chic. Love it! 


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